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20 x 2mins - The Perfect Row Alternate 20/28spm

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 Rowing Machine



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The Perfect Rowing Machine Workout is a MID Tier intensity row.
🚣 4 min warmup then 20 x 2 minutes with 30 sec rest - alternating 20spm and 28spm 🚣‍♀️

➔Pace Guide = 2K+18 / 2K+5
➔Effort = 5-6/10 and 8-9/10
➔Speech = Comfortable then hard! 

❗  I know I’m being very full of myself here by calling this The Perfect Row. But it really is. For experienced rowers, and new rowers alike, this row is just that – Perfect.  ❗

New rowers benefit in a few ways. First up – you’re only ever rowing for 2 minutes before you get a chance to rest and maybe wriggle on the seat for comfort. And, you don’t need to row the whole session. If you’ve only just started, maybe 40 minutes (plus warmup) is way too much to ask. But even if you only manage 6 of the intervals – come back to this again, and see if you can make it to 8 next time. And finally – as a new rower, there’s a good chance that you naturally row either slow or fast stroke rate. So either the 20 or 28 will suit you just fine – and the other one, you can learn to get used to by going through this row. 

And for the experienced rower – alternating between 2K+18 at 20spm and 2K+5 at 28spm will give you a fantastic workout. A great mixture of the bottom tier engine building work and the Mid to Top tier intensity and power. 

The variation in heart rate means your body will torch calories for a good amount of time after the workout too – which makes this even more perfect!! 

One last thing to add – I tweaked the warmup a little – suggesting you do the drills with feet out of the straps. If you feel unstable with feet out of the straps – just put them back in again. I don’t want you falling off the machine during the ‘Legs only’ drill!!