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RowAlong - The Best All Round Workout on the Rowing Machine

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 Rowing Machine



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This is one of the best rowing workouts you can do. Vary your stroke rate and intensity to give you the best of everything - technique / fitness / power - and one heck of a good workout! 

🚣 9 x 4minutes - go through 20/24/28/24/20/24/28/24/20spm 🚣‍♀️

➔Pace Guide = Start 2K+18 - increase 6 sec for 24 and 6 sec for 28spm
   (See below for info about 2K Pacing)
➔Effort = 20spm - 5-6/10,  24spm -  7/10,  28spm - 8-9/10
➔Speech = Comfortable / Tough / Don't try.

❗  This is an amazing workout. It gives you the chance to work through different stroke rates. To work on the low rate fitness boosting range then up to tempo, then up to the faster range. Not only from a technique point of view, but also because it'll help you to adjust pace with your stroke rate, this is extremely vauluable. And - you'll get an amazing cardio workout from this by going through the ranges.❗

If you're feeling brave, start the 20spm at a faster pace (around 2K+16)  which will really up the intensity of the entire session. Or, if you'd rather focus on fitness and technique, start a little easier, around 2K+20 pace instead.

As always, follow me for stroke rate. And I'll keep you company for the row with training tips, technique tips, and my usual general waffle. 

🔵For more information about drag factor, the plans and what this is all about, head to https://www.rowalong.com For more about indoor rowing in general, go to www.indoorrowinginfo.com🔵

See you in the next video.

ℹ - 2K training paces are based on your current best performance to row 2000m. Set your monitor to 2000m and row it as fast as you can. When you're finished either look at the memory screen for that row, and note the Average /500m pace - or just divide your time by 4 to find that out. 

For instance - if you rowed your 2000m in 8:20 - the average pace for 500m is 2:05. It doesn't matter if you started at 1:50 and then slowed down to 2:20 by the end - your average across the whole row is 2:05. 

So when I give a pace guide saying "2K + 18 seconds" - that means that you take your 2K time, and add 18 seconds to it (in the above example, 2:05 + 18 = 2:23 pace.) Just be sure to set your monitor so it displays your /500m pace so you can stay on target.

Every time you think you're getting faster, rather than just arbitrarily changing the pace guide - do another 2000m test to find your current 2K average time - and then work from that.  ℹ