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Yverdon-Nyon (French part of Switzerland)

Yverdon-Nyon (French part of Switzerland)


Hi folks

I am a passionated cycliste and mountainbiker. Mainly I bike in the swiss alps an pre-alps. 

You will find cool videos either on MTB or road bike.

Enjoy one of the best country for mountainbiking, Switzerland.

Please see my playlist, where you will find longer rides cutted into part and section for your conviniency.

Stefan t.

My equpiment;

  • Camera: All videos are in FHD and stabalized (Gopro Hero 9)
  • Mechanical lateral stabilization from 1.1.2021 onwards
  • GPS: Sigma ROX 11.0 and 12.0
  • MTB: Amber SL Stöckli, Fully 150mm
  • Roadnike: Lapierre Pulsium 500
  • Light for nighttrails: Lupine SL AF and Piko
  • Engine: powered by bio-engine 1967


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 8 videos
 146 km

An almost 100 km ride from Yverdon (lake Neuchatel) to Nyon (lake Geneva) passing through the swiss romandie part with several small villages. This ride is splitted into 6 smalls parts (1 to 6) and 3 larger sections (A to C). Enjoy the ride. Please watch the wolrd map on Kinomap for geographical understanding. You will find (in the near future) connecting rides from Nyon to Geneva (playlist: Across Switzerland E-W) as well back from Geneva to Yverdon passing the col de la Faucille in france. I will put this into antoher playlist called: the big Yverdon-Geneva Loop